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Now You Can Create & Update Your
Holiday Cottage, B&B Or Hotel Website, EVEN With No Website Experience And Claim Your Share Of The Billions That People Spend Each Year On Holiday Accommodation

Did You Know?
Most website visitors will jump at the chance of making a booking on a website that displays their availability,
especially when it's guaranteed up to date.
No Complicated Website Scripts To Install!
No Website Design Experience Needed!
"I'm very pleased with the website and my bookings are up by 50%. It's so easy for me to update the website from my own PC".
                      - A. Price. Price Claremont Holiday Cottages & B&B
The problem with most online availability systems is that they make your website visitor type in dates and then you have to wait for an answer only to be told no bookings are available for that date. Why make life more difficult? Don't make them type in date after date to find an available room or holiday cottage.
TELL your website visitor instantly with One Click Update!

Online Availability for Bed and Breakfast, Holiday Cottage, Guest House and Hotels
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with existing booking solutions
How This Software Can Benefit You
arrow Complete Website in a Box + Online Availability
arrow STOP paying commission to third party hotel booking websites.
arrow INCREASE direct sales from your own website.
arrow Provide instant information for your visitors any time of the day or night!
arrow INCREASE your Hotel/B&B/Guesthouse occupancy.
arrow Save time and money and stay in control of your own website updates.
arrow Save yourself the embarassment of being double booked
arrow Create a complete website without any knowledge of web design
arrow Don't need an Internet connection while you create your website, it can all be done offline.
arrow Website Designers can charge anything from £299 and upwards for a basic 3 page website - think of the money saving potential that One Click Update can give you!
A Complete Website With Online Availability Incudes:



Location Map


Menu Page


Easy to Configure


Accommodation Details


Special Offers and Discounts


Local Attractions


Gallery Picture Page


Booking Page


Easy to use interface


Contact Page


Over 100 Web Styles & Designs

arrow Full Online Availability Functionality arrow Supports Payments via Paypal and Nochex
arrow Display up to 99 Rooms arrow Full Data Backup & Restore
arrow Advertising Tracking arrow Customer Details and Tracking
arrow Display up to 99 Holiday Cottages arrow Includes Holiday Cottage Availability Option
arrow Include your Accommodation Ratings arrow Include Keywords in your Website

1 Years
FREE Hosting


FREE Domain Name

Even the most basic computer user can use it,
without ANY knowledge of website design.

Order Now
For ONLY £97*

FREE Domain Name & Hosting
Domain name subject to availability:, .com.
Click HERE to see an example site.

Did You Know?

"Forrester Research says that online hotel bookings in 2003 totalled 8.7 billion...

"...And other research firms estimate that up to 75% of that was collected by the hotels own website.

94% of all Internet
Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels &
Holiday Cottages are losing money because they lack vital marketing information!

The one piece of information that ALL VISITORS NEED TO KNOW

Do you have a vacancy
when I want to stay?

This is the 21st century and website visitors expect your website to answer ALL their questions. If your website doesn't then they will find one that does!

Don't make your potential guests do all the hard work to find out if you've got vacancies, TELL THEM!


The instant website software for your Bed & Breakfast, Hotel, Holiday Cottage or Guest House, including online availability!

Now you can create and update your own website without knowing anything about website design or HTML.

Buy the full version of One Click Update and get:

  • FREE Domain Name or .com
  • FREE 12 Months Hosting for your website
  • Unlimited Support

How To Buy
Please download the Flash Player to view the demos, if you don't already have it installed on your PC.
  video Easily configure your B&B
  video Creating a homepage
for your website
  video Adding new customers / managing customers
  video Configuring your rooms
"I am delighted with this program as it allows me to keep a record of my B&B guests and bookings in a very easy to use way. It is sensibly priced and the email or telephone help should it be needed, is personal and excellent".
Daphne Gwilliam
Dryslade Farm
B&B - Landlady of the Year AA Finalist 2006
"It does exactly what I want it to do. I particularly like the customer database and the advertising tracking. It leaves me in complete control".
Mary Jones
Bed and Breakfast Owner
"I use this program to put my guesthouse availability on my website. I can't believe how simple it is to use. I haven't got a clue when it comes to designing websites, but this really works for me. I think it's great and it saves me time. I find the site simple and easy to use, even someone like me who finds the " net and websites" scary cannot believe how well it works!".
Joanna Brereton
Guesthouse Owner
  Bookings Up By 50%
"I'm very pleased with the website and my bookings are up by 50%. It's so easy for me to update the website from my own PC".
  Lots Of Different Styles...
Over 100+ Styles
Choose from over 100+ different styles for your website.

10 GREAT Reasons why
One Click Update is the BEST choice for
Bed & Breakfasts,
Holiday Cottages,
Guest Houses and Hotels.

1. It's EASY!
2. It's QUICK
3. It's Affordable
4. FREE Trial
5. FREE Hosting
6. FREE Support
7. FREE Domain Name
8. Includes Availability
9. Flash Tutorials




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